For Expats

Whatever the reason, the emotions that accompany living abroad may not easily be conceptualized by those who do not share the experience. Perhaps you do not want to share these struggles with your co-workers in order to maintain professional boundaries. Likewise, maybe the idea of telling your partner that you’re struggling to acclimate may elicit an internal level of stress or guilt that you feel will negatively impact the relationship. If you have moved for lifestyle change, you may find that only parts of your new lifestyle is glamorous but still struggle to find a supportive ear from friends and family back home who only see your new life as “an exciting new adventure.” Maybe, leaving your home terrain was not your choice, which is making this transition that much more of a challenge. Whatever the reason you find yourself “abroad” away from your spiritual, familial or cultural homeland, being an expat or avid traveler can be particularly difficult. These difficulties can have significant impacts on our mental health. Dr. Londí works to help you navigate your emotional needs that are often associated with being uprooted and displaced.

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Dr. Londí provides supportive mental health therapy to individuals, couples and families living or traveling abroad. She specializes in topic areas of cultural shock, adjustment, loss of identity, intersectionality, racial disparities, discrimination, partner support, relationship discord, anxiety, depression, and feelings of uncertainty that is often associated with international living.

Dr. Londí provides individual sessions to discuss personal challenges associated with acclimation, loss of identity, low motivation, and any such areas connected with being abroad to better understand the underlying concerns to help navigate the healing journey.