For Companies

Employee wellbeing and organizational performance is a vital aspect in commercial success. Workplaces that prioritize cultural and emotional intelligence have higher job satisfaction, retention rates, and overall productivity. Many multinational offices find this task to be a challenge, considering the diverse values, norms, attitudes, and behaviors of its employees. Understanding this, Dr. Londí customizes her business plans to meet the distinct needs of each diverse environment she works with. Dr. Londí’s global organizational consultancy is a bespoke systematic process for determining and addressing gaps between current and desired conditions 

Services can range from individual to group support.

Dr. Londí works with a variety of individuals and groups, offering Employee Assistance to staff members dealing with cultural matters that impede job functioning, and provides group support in the areas of stress and anger management in the workplace, morale building, and trainings on Diversity Equity & Inclusion.

From the very first call where the company outlines their concerns, Dr. Londí works with the organization to develop a customized actionplan most suitable to achieve the desired outcomes.

Whether it is a one-off training session or ongoing support, all services are offered with the overall objective of improving employee wellbeing, and subsequently, overall productivity.