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“Once you’ve made the move abroad then you realize what a rollercoaster it can be. Sometimes it’s the most amazing thing in the world, and at other times it’s hard and you just want nothing more than to jump on a plane and go home.”

As surface level as they may seem, Dr. Londí’s expatriate challenges varied from loss of identity, feeling isolated, difficulty building meaningful relationships, struggling to establish a sense of belonging, navigating guilt for leaving previous friendships and relationships behind, acculturating, and handling intersectional discrimination. This is why Dr. Londí has a passion for working with expats and travel lovers who face similar barriers, as she recognizes that despite the allure of a multicultural lifestyle, the excitement of travel, and the fulfillment of living in a different culture, this nontraditional lifestyle comes with its own set of challenges.


Dr. Londí provides supportive mental health therapy to individuals, couples and families living or traveling abroad. She specializes in topic areas of cultural shock, adjustment, loss of identity, intersectionality, racial disparities, discrimination, partner support, relationship discord, anxiety, depression, and feelings of uncertainty that is often associated with international living.

Dr. Londí provides individual sessions to discuss personal challenges associated with acclimation, loss of identity, low motivation, and any such areas connected with being abroad to better understand the underlying concerns to help navigate the healing journey.

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“Many people’s needs are overlooked because they are often perceived as
insignificant. No matter how big or small the concern, I value helping navigate areas that are significant to the client.”

In her practice, she values humanity, hope and healing but recognizes that this looks different across cultures.Over the years, Dr. Londí has seen incredible results, such as witnessing individuals establish their new identity, clients finding their voice and identifying unknown feelings, enhanced communication related to cultural differences among couples, and has effectively helped clients manage the varying stages of culture shock and other factors related to intercultural transitions.