About Dr Londí

With a Doctorate Degree in International Psychology, Master’s Degree in Social Work, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, Dr. Londí has studied psychology across 18 different countries throughout North and South America, Europe, Africa and Asia to be able to provide culturally contextual interventions for the populations she serves. While her educational background affords her the skills and techniques to provide culturally competent therapy, her expertise in this area stems from her firsthand experience living abroad and providing therapy to culturally diverse populations. Having moved to Spain without yet knowing Spanish, she was forced to navigate many of the challenges related to being a foreigner in an unknown land. The same became true when she relocated to the United Kingdom and then again to Japan. 

As surface level as they may seem, Dr. Londí’s expatriate challenges varied from loss of identity, feeling isolated, difficulty building meaningful relationships, struggling to establish a sense of belonging, navigating guilt for leaving previous friendships and relationships behind, acculturating, and handling intersectional discrimination. This is why Dr. Londí has a passion for working with expats and travel lovers who face similar barriers, as she recognizes that despite the allure of a multicultural lifestyle, the excitement of travel, and the fulfillment of living in a different culture, this nontraditional lifestyle comes with its own set of challenges. Dr. Londí holds nearly 10 years of experience working with international families in America, Spain, England, Japan, Peru and the Philippines, providing culturally competent therapy to individuals, couples, families and groups living and traveling abroad.

Dr. Londí provides culturally sensitive therapy to third culture individuals, couples, families in order to support those living abroad. She specializes in topic areas of cultural shock, adjustment, loss of identity, intersectionality, racial disparities, discrimination, partner support, relationship discord, anxiety, depression, and feelings of uncertainty that is often associated with international living.

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